Working With Us

Building or remodeling your space? Not sure where to start? We can help.

Clients come to us at all stages of the design-build process. Tell us about your project, we love to discuss all things design.

What We Offer

  • Permit-Ready Design Packages
  • Design Consultations
  • Budget Consultations
  • Design Services for Renovation or New Constructions
  • Equipment Supply and Sourcing
  • Custom Furniture Design and Manufacturing
  • Turn-Key Operations

We love the creative energy our clients bring to each and every project. We have had the pleasure of working with so many talented stylists and sincerely appreciate the experience of working with each and every one. 

Our clients come to us before they even have a location, because they just don't know how much space they should look for. We do.








SSL Sample Floor Plan.JPG

Floor Plan 

This is a scaled drawing that shows the different areas their relationship to each other, and gives an overview of where the walls, furniture, and fixtures will be. A floor plan is a great tool for showing what the flow of traffic will look like as people move throughout the finished space.
We consider your wish list and business plan along with the square footage when creating a functional layout for your space. 

On its own, a floor plan is insufficient to build from. Contractors typically need more information to prepare their estimates and schedules. They require a full set of drawings that contain a lot more technical information than a floor plan does.



Working Drawings

Working drawings can include the demolition plan, construction plan, plumbing plan, power and data plan, and lighting plan. In addition, we have a specialized team of professional engineers who we provide the mechanical drawings. These documents communicate the technical details of the build to your contracted professionals.

The working drawings, along with Mechanical Engineer's drawings are the minimum documents required in order to apply for permits, price, and build your space. 

What about all of the visual elements of your space? That's where the finishes plan comes in...



Finishes Plan

This is the fun part! 

The finishes plan indicates what flooring will be used, wall and ceiling finishes, plumbing finishes, millwork specifications, lighting specifications, and any other visual detail of your design. The location of finishes as well as their source will be indicated on a legend that is linked to your floor plan so that your contracted professionals can execute the plan.

We understand that clients may find it difficult to visualize their design at this point, so we usually include a rendering to ensure you love your design and make any necessary adjustments before the work is completed.