Work With Us

We are a team of interior designers highly specialized in design for Salons, Spas, Hospitality, and other personal service businesses.

Building or remodeling your space? Not sure where to start? We can help.

Clients come to us at all stages of the design-build process. Tell us about your project, we love to discuss all things design.

What We Offer

  • Space Planning 
  • Design Consultations
  • Budget Consultations
  • Permit-Ready Design Packages
  • Design Services for Renovation or New Constructions
  • Equipment Supply and Sourcing
  • Custom Furniture Design and Manufacturing
  • Turn-Key Operations

Our clients are creative, skilled, hardworking individuals who go above and beyond to make their clients happy. We do too. 

We work hard to ensure that every square foot of your space is used in a purposeful, revenue-generating way.

During your first consultation with us we'll ask questions like:  

  • How many stylists do you have or plan to hire? 
  • What services will you offer?
  • What brand of color do you use?
  • Which products do you plan to retail?
  • Tell us about your clients
  • What inspires you?
Many of our clients come to us before they even have a location, because
they just don't know how much space they should look for. We do. Ask us

Designing a salon or spa requires specialized knowledge of traffic patterns, styling chair spacing, building mechanical features, specific plumbing and electrical requirements, and materials.  Salons need finishes that can stand up to heat, light, and chemical exposure. Lighting is an actual tool, not just a way to create ambiance. The precise location of your electrical outlets in relation to your styling chair can have a massive impact on your client and staff experience. Things that seem simple just aren't when it comes to a salon environment. And trust us, they're expensive to change. That's why you should work with a design firm that has the knowledge and expertise to deliver your project on time and on budget.

We have designed and built hundreds of salons. We have consulted with thousands of stylists about the things that are important to them. 

As fellow entrepreneurs, we get that it's hard to let-go and trust the advice of others. We know you work hard and have invested a lot in your business. 
We respect your investment in your business and would honored to work with you in bringing your vision to life!